WOW moments in every sip

Our mission is to add wow moments to your coffee business

WOW moments in every sip
Energize your day with a
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WOW Coffee forged a

strategic partnership

with Imela Jaya Bersama

WOW Coffee, a brand owned by PT Wanita Citra Indonesia (WCI), was established towards the end of 2022. Through a close partnership between Imela Jaya Bersama and WOW Coffee, we have curated a selection of coffee products that cater to the unique needs of every business owner.

Elevate Your Business Journey with the Magic of ‘WOW’ Coffee

WOW Coffee, a brand under PT Wanita Citra Indonesia (WCI), was established by the end of 2022, stemming from a humble casual hangout that blossomed into something far greater than a mere idea. With a fervent commitment to fostering sustainable supply chains, we set out to unveil the exquisite flavors of Indonesian coffee to the world, while forging strong partnerships with local farmers.

Our greater aspiration is empowering coffee entrepreneurs and providing an exceptional retail product for everyday coffee enthusiasts, ensuring every consumer savors a 'wow' moment in every cup!

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In the embrace of Indonesia's coffee origins, our operations come to fruition

The uniqueness of Indonesian coffee lies not only in its geography but also in the meticulous cultivation and processing methods that yield beans with unparalleled complexity and character.

As our passion for coffee is deeply intertwined with the essence of Indonesia, we proudly bring these exceptional flavors to the global market, sharing the remarkable journey from bean to cup with enthusiasts worldwide.

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